Monday, September 29, 2014

Visiting the Roger's

Tyson's Best Friend was in Cedar for his brothers homecoming. Tyson really wanted to see him because Bryce lives forever far away (actually just in Virginia). We took the LONG trip back home for the weekend to see family and friends again.
We brought Brooke and Bryce to the airport in Vegas and stopped at Fat Choy to eat before they departed. It was surprising good for the location it was in. We had a great time with them and glad that we could get to know Brooke more.

The sign didn't show up in the picture. See above! :)


We were able to be with Tyson's Sister and her Husband as they were sealed for Eternity. It was such a neat experience and we are so Happy for them.

 On Sunday we stopped to see my family and have lunch. We had a great time making yummy cookies. It is always so fun to be with Family. It will be nice once we live close by.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Past Weekends

We were able to go to the lake with the Young Men & Women. They needed girl leaders so of course I was on board! Tyson has definitely missed going to the lake this summer. He had to get his wake-board fix in.

The next weekend we went on a Date to Studio Movie Grill and saw The Giver and then on to a Car show. Every Saturday in Scottsdale there is a Car Show and since we were already there we of course had to go look around.

Home Trip

We went home for a weekend for Tyson to visit BMW of Las Vegas and too see some family from Missouri that we do not usually get to see. My uncles came down to put a new roof on my parents house. Saturday Morning they finished up and then we headed to Little Jamaica to cool off. It was so great to see so many people in our short trip.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


My work can be pretty awesome sometimes! I was given 4 tickets for a D-back vs Cubs Baseball game. We had porch seats and all you can eat concessions. AAANNNDDD the game was pretty good with lots of hits. It was so awesome to be so close and actually see the ball. We had a great time with the Tunks.

4th of July

Not having any real plans we decided to go Shopping, Car Showing, and Swimming.
We hung out with the Ellsworths and had a fun time with them. We went shopping at the mall and then decided to have a little BBQ at our pool. Jill and I went on got some small fireworks to do by ourselves because we were at the pool still when all the BIG fireworks were going on.

When we went shopping we stopped at Dick's and bought tube to do the Salt River again. After some failed attempts at find the drop off spots and pick ups and not knowing we needed parking passes we decided to head to lake and float around. Not as exciting but we got our tan on and that's what matters!

Salt River

We have wanted to go to the Salt River in Mesa ever since we moved down here. We finally went with the Ellsworths and will definitely be going back. It was long but we had a good time floatin.

Side note:

I was asked to go to Girls Camp and be a Cabin Mom and help out with our ward. It was much different than what I am used to. But it was a great experience and I am glad I was able to go and help out.