Saturday, June 27, 2015

Update #2

The Dalton's came for a visit (And for Jaxson's Blessing). We had fun going to Costco and Circus Circus.

Memorial Weekend- We started off in Mesquite at the Rec Center

Sunday we went to Minersville and put flowers on the graves and had dinner with Tyson's Family.

Monday we went to Minersville again and rode four wheelers and went fishing. Cory was the only one that caught anything!

 The Tunks Visit- We had fun with our friends from Phoenix. We went to the Stratosphere, Serendipity's, Coke a Cola factory and tried all Coke from around the world, and then to Mastro's for Butter Cake. We had fun with them and happy they could come for a visit.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015 Update #1

It has been a while and I don't really know if anyone even reads this! But that doesn't matter I like to have the record for myself! This will mostly be a pictures post.

Little Tazden man had his 1st Birthday.

We got a new car... We are just leasing a 2015 320I BMW. Tyson's car was breaking down and there were a couple things wrong with our other white BMW. I am working from home so I don't need to go anywhere and one car was always in the garage anyway. So we traded both and got a Brand New one.
We are having fun going to popular sites in Vegas. We went to the Pawn Shop and looked around.

It was Valentines Day! We ended up being in Mesquite for Callie's Bridal Shower. And then the Logue's hosted us for a yummy Dutch Oven Dinner. It was fun to be with family and friends for a change!

We were able to attended Callie's Wedding. We are so happy for them. Congrats to the Howell's

We had to experience a show in Vegas. We went and saw Cirque Du Soleil, it was really good and can't wait to go back and see another show!

Naomi had a baby shower.

Tyson and I went for a ride to Mt Charleston. It was weird not seeing very much snow this past year so it was fun to play for a minute. We attempted to sled on a cardboard box we saw.. Didn't work so well but we still had fun being together! And it happened to be PI day so we had to go get pie!

We traveled up to Cedar for Tyson's Mom's Birthday. We had Smores one night and then celebrated her birthday!

We made her Birthday Cake this year! I think it turned out soo cute!

Then I had a Birthday... My mom and Abigail stayed a couple nights with us before my birthday and then Tyson surprised me with a trip to California. We hung out on Hollywood Blvd and the Beach at Venice. It was a short trip but much needed! It was fun to get away for a weekend.

Baby Jaxson was born

Ashlynn had a birthday

For Mother's Day we were able to talk with Jared. We actually went to Cedar to spend time with Tyson's Mom and then after church drove to Riverside to be with my mom. (Can I just say it is sooo nice living closer to everyone. Living in Phoenix we were not able to go home as much so it is fun being closer! I love it!! )

Playing Chicken Foot.

The biggest thing that has happened so far is I am actually going back to school. I am attending Carrington College in the Medical Billing/Coding Program. It is a nine month program. So far I am enjoying it and learning more than I could imagine. It is cool to learn about the body. Not just that, I feel like I am catching on quickly to the coding part so that is good.
My Pile of Books
More to come...