Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Tyson and I spent the night at his parents house and then were woken up at 6AM. We opened presents and then got ready for church. We went to church at Tyson's home ward. We then went back to his parents house and took a nap and had a yummy lunch!

Lots of presents

It was a little too early

Pretty happy boy :)

Tyson and his Tie

She was so happy and loved her little piano
Tyson got me vinyl

And a keyboard
And a jacket, because he doesn't like my Bulldog Sweaters!

And we got a WII!!!Well mostly Tyson!
After lunch we came back home and Tyson took a nap while I watched one of my new movies. Then we went back to Tyson's parents house and had left overs for dinner and played games! I love being with family, we always have a good time together!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve all of Tyson's family got together. We had some yummy soup and lots of appetizers. Then we played some minute to win it games. Well mostly the kids played, but it was still fun to watch them. They are all good sports!
Unwrapping a present with oven mittens

Getting the cookie from your forehead to your mouth with only your face.

Stacking block while balancing the plate

Dental Cap... Get both toothbrushes to stay on the edge of a cap

Transferring pop cans with noodles


Iron/Marble Game


Thomas and Sara came up to Cedar to visit us! We were so excited to finally have some visitors stay over! Tyson even got Thursday off of work so that we could hang out. We love you guys and will miss you! Guess we will just have to make a trip to Tennessee to come see you now!!
They got here on Wednesday and we had taco's for dinner. We had Naomi and Kyle over so they could visit too. I had to work at 10 pm all week so I didn't get to hang out and chat with them!
Thursday we got ready and went to the auction for a minute to see what it was like. Then to the DI, walmart, and then went to the preschool were Naomi works so the kids could play and not have to be outside because it was really cold.
Going down the slide

Going down the slide too fast!
Little Ammon boy is growing up so fast!
Inge... A.K.A The girl that never stops! But we love her!
We had pizza for dinner then played some games and I was off to work again! Thanks for coming and visiting us!! We love you guys!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We all went to Church and then came home and Jared made soup and I made rolls (with some help). We had a yummy dinner and then Tamara and all her kids came out to the house and we visited. Emily had a piano recital so we all went in to watch her. She did such a great job. Then we all went to Shem and Cheryl's house to visit. We ended up playing games! It is so fun to be with family and having a great time!

Playing some game that shocks you if your the last to push the button

And a year later and we are still getting wedding presents! Best Day Ever!!!

Naomi & Kyle's Wedding

Naomi and Kyle are finally hitched! They both look so happy and we are very excited for them to start their new lives together! We love you two!

Friday, December 16, 2011


We put up our Christmas Tree. And other decorations. Our home is all nice and cozy now!
Our very own tree!
I have had this thing for wreath lately. So I thought I would try this one out. And of course it is another Pinterest idea! But Don't look to closely it's not very good.
Countdown is on!
Stockings Hung

Saved the best for last. This is our Nativity that we got last year from..... I have no idea but whoever it was we are very grateful. Each piece came on a different day and completed our Nativity! 

I'm very grateful at this time of year, and being able to give. Even though it should be done all year all the time the month of December always opens our eyes to be a little more nicer and a little more giving!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


In Relief Society the first of the month we had a lesson on being grateful. The teacher handed out papers for us to write what we were grateful for. I happened to have an extra one in my hand so I put it up on our fridge for Tyson to fill out! As you can see he has the most important one down!
I am grateful for Tyson for always making me smile and laugh! He is such a great husband and I am pretty lucky to have him in my life! Even though he is gone all day I am thankful that he works hard to support us!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

On Friday we had Naomi's bridal shower so that my aunts that were down could come. We had soup, salad, and rolls. I think it turned out pretty good. I am just glad that it is over!!!

No comment
On Saturday Naomi went through the Temple to get her endowments. It is so nice to go back to the temple and to be able to feel the spirit and learn more. I love going to the temple! After we went and ate at Golden Corral.

Because we brought the four wheeler down we decide we should probably use it.We went with Rose and Layne and all their kids up onto the mesa. We had a nice little ride until the handlebars came off of one of the little four wheelers! It was quite a little adventure. But HEY what's life without a little unexpected events!


Talbot Family

Broken four wheeler

We had such a great weekend and didn't want to come back to reality. But only 2 more weeks left of school! YAY!