Monday, August 22, 2011


Summer went by way too fast and now School has started and..... it is looking like there is going to be LOTS of studying this semester. Something I am not entirely excited about. I only go to class Monday, Wednesday, Friday and only 2 classes. The other 3 are online. This is the first time I have done so many classes online so we will see how I end up liking it. For Tyson, I really have no idea what he is taking but he goes from 9AM-12PM everyday except Monday which will be 9AM-3PM with no breaks, and he is also working full time still. He is going to be one busy, under slept man! But I am grateful for him to be working so hard.
This semester is going to be a busy one. But I guess all we can do is jump into to it. Ready or Not School has started...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Manti Temple

 On August 16th Tyson and I drove up to the Manti Temple to go to Tyson's friends wedding. It was a great experience. It is the first sealing we have gone to since we have been married. It was nice to be relaxed and not scared to death like I was when we got married! We had a quick trip because I had to be back to work! But it was great to be there and support the new couple! CONGRATS Alex & Emily!
We got there early and so we walked around the temple for a while. 
Sorry no pictures of the couple we had to leave right after!

Salt Lake Week

This past week I went up to Salt Lake area with my mom. I didn't have to work and Tyson had to work just about every night except Thursday. We also had the Teerlink Reunion on Saturday so that was another excuse why I left! We left on Tuesday and came back on Sunday. My mom and I had a nice time with lots of shopping and visiting relatives.THANKS Mother for taking me with you, I LOVE YOU!!!!

On Friday we went to the Jordan River temple with my Aunt Rose and Uncle Layne and my Great Aunt Shirley!

Later that day Tyrel had a football/Scrimmage game that we went to and watched him play. Makes me miss High School and the football games they were always great!

Saturday we had our Family Reunion at a Lake. We had lots of yummy food and good company. 
My dad was able to come and didn't have to be on the road so it was fun to be able to spend some time with just my parents and I. We wish some more people were able to come but it was still a good time!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Tyson and I spent the weekend in Panguitch with Naomi, Kyle, and Kyle's parents! Friday afternoon we drove up there and relaxed and learned a new card game. Then we watched the movie, Just Go With It. It was so late when we got to bed. Saturday we got up early and had a yummy breakfast then got ready for the day. We went up to the lake and Tyson and I watched them fish.

 We then headed to a cabin that Kyle's family owns. We went for a ride on the four wheelers to a pond. Then had lunch then went on another ride. It is always fun to go ride up in the mountains and just enjoy the scenery.

 Tyson said to be serious, this is about as serious as I get I guess!!!

After our ride we headed back down to the huge town of Panguitch and just relaxed and had a nap! All the sun must have gotten to us! We are got a good sun burn but totally worth it!  
 We had so much fun and are so thankful for Kyle's parents for feeding us yummy food and inviting up there with them!
Blog worthy! You should make silly faces with my camera! Who knows what they were trying to do!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Little Things in Life

 A while ago (more like a month ago) Tyson was kinda down because he didn't get the job that he really wanted. I was at work one day and was blog surfing, what I usually do. I came upon something that I thought was cute so I had Naomi bring my some Stock Paper so I could make it some what decent and I made Tyson this.....I actually hide them in  his drawers and he didn't find it for the longest time.

* This one came with a bag of M&M's

Its not much but it's something that he likes and it's fun for me to find silly things to do for him.
P.S. I have had this post for a while I just never really wanted to post it! But today was a perfect day! 
(A month later...)
Well today when I got home from work I had a little surprise waiting for me.
My diamond in my ring was loose so Tyson took it in to get it fixed. It's been weird not having it. Because I was at work all day I asked Tyson if he went to go get it and he told me he forgot! But I think this was much better than just giving it to me!!! I have the BESTEST Husband ever!!!

It's definitely the little things in life that make it worth living!!!
***So I challenge you readers out there to do something silly or serious, whatever, for your significant other, it'll make their day, I promise!!!! It totally made mine!!!