Sunday, February 16, 2014


This year we decided to stay in and make dinner ourselves. We had Steak and Potatoes and then Cheesecake for dessert.
Valentine's Wreath

Some awesome people attacked us!

Hockey Game

My Work can be pretty awesome sometimes! They have season tickets to the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Team. They had some extra tickets this time and so Tyson and I were able to go. It was so cool to be 9 rows away from the glass! Even though we were on the corner it was still awesome that we could see everything up close!

So Close!

This was taken when we were waiting to go down to our seats!

Home Visit

We took a QUICK trip home for Bryce's Reception. Tyson and him grew up together and are best friends so of course we couldn't miss that! 
We left EARLY morning on Saturday and stopped in Mesquite for breakfast at Virgin River with my family and then headed up to Cedar.

Breakfast with one of my favorites. I think we have missed each other!
Bryce and Brooke had a beautiful reception. We are so happy for them and maybe one day will be able to visit them in the far away land of Virginia!

Best Friends
Their car kinda got destroyed!

Sunday we got up and went to Church with Tyson's mom and dad and then headed down to Mesquite to have lunch with my family. We picked an awesome weekend to visit because my Aunt and Uncle were visiting from Texas. We had fun visiting and eating yummy food with them. We were back on the road to come to Phoenix that evening... Like a said quick trip... But so worth it to see everyone!

I missed my little nieces!

Cooking Lunch

Tyson is so good with the kids!

The Girls

Aunt Sandi and my Dad

Suns Basketball

 My work gave me tickets to a SUNS VS MAVERICKS basketball game. They were awesome seats, center court and the 16th row from the floor. Unfortunately the Suns didn't win but it was a close game. At the last seconds the Suns missed a 3 pointer to tie the game.

Family Visits

The first week a January was filled with family. My parents came first. They were on their way back from Texas. My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and Joann's to see if they had good sales. I ended up making her a winter wreath.
 Naomi and Kyle came down to visit us the first weekend in January. We had fun playing games, going to the driving range, and trying some BBQ at Lake Pleasant. It was so fun to have all our visitors. Definitely made the holiday time a little more bearable because we had something to look forward too!

So fun to have my sister around. We bring out the best in each other!


New Years


We had fun with the Haworth family. We hung out until Midnight and then had bubbly! It was nice to get to know them a little more.
We are excited to see what 2014 has in store for us!

Christmas 2013

Since Tyson and I both had to work the day after Christmas we decided it would be smart to stay and do something just the two of us this year. I will admit it was kinda hard not being with family at this time of year. Probably harder for Tyson but he was a champ and didn't complain.
Christmas Eve we went to our friends house and had a nice prime rib/ham dinner. We then read the Christmas story and visited.

Christmas morning we didn't wake up too early. We opened presents and then hung out all day around the apartment. It was nice relaxing day.

Had to carry on the Tradition of Monkey Bread.

 Opening Presents

Tyson got new suits

Tyson surprised me with a Kindle
We are grateful for the time we get to spend together. Seems lately we do not get much time together, always working or doing school work.

We had fun reminiscing and playing T-birdopoly. Everything is about SUU's College and it was fun to learn more about that college we attended! 

Just some Picture from December 29th.
Sunday after Christmas, Tyson wore his new suit to Church!

We have fun sometimes....