Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Ashlynn

Tyson had an eye appointment in St. George so we were half way home and decided to keep going. He has to have surgery but on a good note, we finally got to meet Baby Ashlynn. She was born on Tues, the 17th.  So excited to finally have her here!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fair 2012

Saturday morning we headed down to Moapa Valley to go the Clark County Fair. Tyson wasn't able to come down till late Saturday night so we broke the sabbath and went on Sunday also! After a stressful week for us it was fun to just relax and do what we wanted!

Jared's Steer


Tyson and Shem rode the bull to see who would stay on longest. Tyson had 12 seconds

Shem won with 14 seconds.

Father and Son

Josh got Tyson and I ride tickets this is us on one of the rides. I only took this one picture that day.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lehman's Cave

Easter Weekend we went out to good ol' Ely, Nevada. Tyson's sister lives out there while her husband is working in the mine. Ely is bigger than I thought it would be, but still a pretty small run down looking town! About an hour away are Lehman's Cave. It totally wasn't what I was expecting but pretty darn cool.  There were tons of things hanging from the ceiling and some growing from the ground. All of them are made by water. (I didn't really get how they were made but, it takes a LONG time for them to come back) They mostly look like icicles hanging from the ceiling and growing up from the ground. That is how I would explain them! Or you could google it if you really wanted to know what we went and saw!!!

The picture is supposed to be turned... Sorry.

These things are called shields

I don't know why this picture turned but where there is a tiny piece from the big piece (in the middle) is where someone broke it off and now its growing back. (If that makes any sense! Sorry!)

They made a hall way just to the right of that but before that was there this is where they had to come in through. The lighting makes it look pretty cool tho! 

This water is from last spring (2011)
Angel wing

I don't know why this one turned either.

On the way there Tyson saw this and was amazed. So on the way back we got a picture. 

When we got back to Ely, Cobe and Brent made dutch oven and it was so yummy. We played cards and then went to bed! It is always fun to be with family and hang out! Thanks Tanisha for letting us come and visit you!

21st Birthday

For my birthday Tyson worked all day and I stayed home and watched TV. Not too exciting. Once Tyson got off work we went and ate a Applebees and his parents came along with us. Kyle and I have the same birthday so we went over to Naomi's and had ice cream cake.
Sunday we went to Naomi's to watch conference and she made pancakes!

Birthday Presents, still waiting on some scriptures that were ordered a month ago...

My mom was going to come up Tuesday but I was going to be going down on Wednesday to help Abigail clean. So I told my mom not to come up. On Thursday we went to dinner at The Purple Fez (I think that's what it's called). Abigail and Walter bought me dinner. It was pretty yummy and then I brought the extra ice cream cake down so that they could all help me eat it! 

I am officially legal to do just about anything now! 

Tin Foil Dinners

We got together with a bunch of friends and went out to Three Peaks and had a fire. We had tin foil dinners, smores, and good company! It was such a great idea and lots of fun.