Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Touring Our Hometown

Tyson's Brother came to visit. We decided to be Tourist! We went to TANKED.. Its a TV show that custom builds fish tanks.
And then walked the strip.

Last Weekend with Jared

The family got together for one last weekend with Jared before he leaves. Jared wanted Samurai 21, so that's what we had!
The night before we had Abigail's girls. We did sparklers and surprisingly they both liked them.

See you in 2 years!


Jared went through the Temple on the 27th of December. It was so cool to have all our family together again in the Temple. Brings back good memories of when we were sealed. 
Rochester, New York is getting a pretty goofy guy! Very excited for Jared and the decision he has made to serve a mission.

Family Pictures

We attempted to take some family pictures. It was soo cold and getting dark so we had to hurry. Thomas came home to go through the temple with Jared and be there for his farewell talk. It has been a while since we have all been together. I am glad I get to call these people my FAMILY!!!


Merry Christmas! We didn't have a big Christmas. It was very simple which I thought was more meaningful. We spend it with Abigail and her Family. Tyson had to work the day before and after so we didn't want to make the trip to Cedar.