Monday, October 17, 2011

Tyson's Birthday

For Tyson's birthday we went to dinner at the Pizza Factory with family and friends on Thursday. Friday was his real birthday but he worked from 8AM-5PM. And then we headed to Moapa to watch Jared play football. First we went to Kyle's parent's house to eat dinner. It was so yummy and then Lori (Kyle's mom) was nice enough to make Tyson a cheesecake for his birthday. (Thanks Lori) Although the game was horrible and we lost (we won't mention the score) it was still fun to see Jared play football.

Tyson's card from his Mom & Dad
Opening his presents!
Tyson wanted socks, so that's what he got.
I had a hard time trying to decide what to get him for his birthday and then one day this kid came into the office and had a watch on. Tyson really like it so... I looked around and found one I thought he might like and then it happened to be out of stock. So I had to find another one. He ended up getting Nixon watch.
We spent the weekend in Mesquite with Abigail on Saturday and my Mom on Sunday. Also Tyson had his first experience in the melon field, we helped pick to fill up the boxes. He said it wasn't too bad, but he was only out there for about 45 minutes!

Friday, October 14, 2011

AtTeMpT tO bE CrEaTiVe

I love Pinterest.!!! So many great idea's on there.. If only I were creative enough but I did find this cute thing that looked easy enough for me!!! The one on pinterest was all black with an orange ribbon to hang it by. But as you can see I changed mine a little. Now I just need something to go in the middle but I can't decide what! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

1 Year Anniversary

We have officially made it ONE year! It was a fun filled weekend. First of all, Naomi's birthday was on Friday so my parents came up to cedar and we went and ate at Cafe Rio. Then everyone came back to Tyson and I's apartment and we had ice cream cake. Right after that Tyson and I left to drive to South Jordan to stay with Rose. We had a nice little chat until 2:30 AM. I love going and visiting my aunts and just talking! 
Naomi opening her card from Tyson and I 
Not much but the card said not to lose  this card because it was her birthday present!!! 
Tyson opening his gift from me. I got him the Goo Goo Dolls CD. He got me 2 Glee CD's . We didn't plan that either. We just ended up getting each other the same thing! But he was nicer and also go me piano music. He spoiled me BIG Time. Just like always, that's why I love him soo much!!!! 
 Saturday, we ate waffles for breakfast and then headed over to see Tamra. She had a coupon for us to use at Lagoon. So as you can guess we went to Lagoon for our Anniversary. It was kinda chilly but not too bad because we mostly walked on to every ride.
Us at Lagoon. 
The one ride I did NOT want to go on. I absolutely hate the Rocket.  
These next pictures were for Kyle! We want to be Ninja like him!!! JK 

What a weirdo!!! JK  
Tyson surprised me by getting a room at the Anniversary Inn. He had told me before that we would be staying at the Little America. We had the Mysteries of Egypt room. It was pretty sweet! A little scary because there are people built into the wall. Well, kinda, look at the picture and you can see! After we checked in, we got ready to go to dinner. We had a REALLY nice dinner at the Joesph Smith Memorial Building up on the 10th floor at a restaurant called the Roof Restaurant. It was sooo fancy but really good. We both loved the dessert it was the best by far! We also got a sweet view of the temple which made it even more better!

Our hotel room

This was the most weirdest thing ever... That there is the ....... Shower... The water comes out of the mouth. Kinda weird, kinda cool. I can't decide!! 
View from the 10th floor of the Joesph Smith Memorial building

Happy Anniversary! This was our view while eating dinner.

Sunday, the hotel provides you with breakfast so we had a nice little breakfast and then got ready and left. Because we didn't go to church we decided to go look at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. 
Our yummy breakfast

We then went to Rose's again to see Layne because we didn't get to see him when we were there before because we got there so late and he left early in the morning to go to work. We visited with them and then they fed us lunch! We then went to go see Tyson's grandpa in Payson. It was so nice to be able to visit with him. We haven't seen him for a long time. 

We had a great weekend and now are back to reality!