Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday... 25th of June

 Saturday morning Walter, Abigail, Tyson, and I went and played Volleyball at the Rec Center. I haven't played for a really long time, so it was lots of fun! We came back home so Katelee could take a nap, and then when she woke up we went back to the Rec and went swimming.
After swimming we got ready really fast and went to Walter and  Abigail's ward party and had yummy dutch oven! After that was over Tyson, my mom and I went to Walmart and then went to Juniors to visit. We ended up staying up till midnight when we got home talking. It was a great little vacation away from Cedar!

Friday, June 24th

 Tyson and I decided to go to Mesquite for the weekend. Well, I decided! We didn't have any plans so what better place then to go and do nothing in Mesquite. But it actually turned out to be a pretty eventful weekend! Friday when we got to Mesquite we went to Lonnie and Robin's house and played games and then everyone played "Just Dance." It was very entertaining! I can't figure out how to get the video's onto my computer tho, so sorry you can't see how funny everyone looked! 

Here are a few of Tyson. I didn't get anyone else. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Games

Thursday was the opening ceremony for the Utah Summer Games. I really wasn't interested in going but Tyson wanted to go and we got lucky with some FREE tickets from work. It was pretty interesting to see what they do and how many kids there are that participate in the games.
 Although the weather wasn't very good at the beginning but by the time we left it was okay, just cold.
 Tyson Blocking the Rain/Wind

 Just a glimpse of all the kids walking around the track
The Jazz Bear showed up!

 They ended with Fireworks
Fireworks behind us that you just can't see!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today at work I was SOO bored. For my job we are able to paint and because I am not scheduled I go and paint to get some extra hours. I was thinking today I really wish my sister was with me so that I could have someone to talk to. Usually it was Abigail and I that would go in together because Naomi had another job.
But let me do a little Recap...The summer before my senior year I came up to Cedar and worked with my sisters at this same job. It was much more entertaining then, and today was one of those days I wished one of them were there with me. It never has been a very entertaining job but it is a job! We used to listen to music, talk, and sing together! Much more fun then being by yourself. Mostly today brings back fun memories of painting together... :)

I love my sisters!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quail Lake

 On Saturday we went to Quail Lake with Tyson's Family. His brother brought the boat and we had a great time! Thanks Cory!

 Josh, Bailey, and Braxton also came with us! We had lots of fun! It was good to see them again!

 Tyson and Zach
 Tyson Wake-boarding
 That was about as far up as I got. The boys made it look way too easy.

 Jared and my mom also came up, my mom needed to go to St. George so they came for a little while! 

Tyson's Sister somehow got his key and went back to Cedar. Thankfully we had an extra set in the car from when we went out east. And Tyson was glad that I made him crack his windows because its so HOT in Nevada! Josh got the door open pretty quick! Thanks Josh!
Tyson and Josh breaking into the car

It was a great day! Thanks to everyone who made it fun!!!


On Thursday Tyson and I came down to Mesquite to visit since we haven't seen any of my family since we have been home and I also needed to come and get my car so I could have something to drive.

Katelee looked pretty silly with her those glasses on so I had to take a picture of her!!!

 We were suppose to watch Katelee for Abigail and Walter but she just slept the whole time so it was great!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We finally made it back to Utah on Sunday and it only took us a week to get home!!!
I will never make that trip again. It was SOO boring and sitting in a car that long is just not good for me!


On Thursday morning we left Tennessee and headed to Missouri to see some family. We stayed at my aunt Teela's house Thursday night and just visited with them. 
Friday we went and visited my Grandpa and Grandma and then headed over to Louisburg to hang out with Sonya's family. While there we went to some Amish stores and got some candy and a Potato Peeler,(They are the best ones out there I think! I love my mom's and decided I needed one for myself!) and some Ranch Seasoning! I was so excited to finally get some because I loved it when our dad put them in the Mashed Potatoes! After we went and looked around at a couple stores we went back home and got ready to go to a BBQ/ Camp out thingy with their church. It was quite interesting we had a sermon I guess it what you would call it and we sang lots of songs!
Saturday morning Sonya's family made us breakfast and then we were on our way home. We ended up stopping in Denver because we didn't want to drive all the way through the night!
 As we were leaving my grandparents house we saw some Zebra's! Tyson had to stop in the middle of the road and take a picture.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1

Our last day in TN we went swimming and then to a picnic. (Sorry no pictures) We didn't do much but relaxed which was so nice. Later we went to Walmart to get some snacks for the drive to Missouri. We had so much fun visiting and sad to leave and have to travel some more. But it will be so nice when we don't have to live out of a suitcase!

Thanks Thomas and Sara for feeding us yummy food and everything else!!! Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On Tuesday we went to Signal Point which is like a lookout to the Tennessee River and a little bit of Chattanooga.
 Then we went to the Pumpkin Patch Playground. Inge was so excited to go to the playground. I was surprised at how nice it was and there was actually a lot of stuff you could do. The slide was the best part. It was big and longer then normal ones. We had lots of fun!!!

After the playground we went and got Thomas from school and went home to eat dinner. Sara made chicken alfredo lasagna and it was SO good! (Thanks Sara!) We then got in the car and went to Georgia. Tyson has now tripled the states he has been in since we left a month ago! We went to Georgia to see the destruction of the Tornado in Ringgold. They were hit by a tornado a month or so ago. It makes me grateful that I don't live where tornado's come through. It is so sad what has happened to their town. I have never been in any type of area where destruction comes through and even in PA we had warnings and it is so crazy.

 A house that has been completely destroyed
Laundry Mat with washers and dryers still there. 
While driving around it was crazy because one side of the street would be perfectly fine and then the other side would be destroyed. We could even see the path of the tornado. It makes me appreciate the safety that I have always had.