Thursday, March 28, 2013

Katelee's Birthday

Katelee had a Birthday! She is 3 years old now! She is so full of energy and such a funny little girl! We celebrated at the park with cake and ice cream!

She even got to help frost her own cake!

Every time you would ask what she wanted for her birthday she would say a Dora Bike! 
Wish granted!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Katelee!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 9

We decided to get out of Cedar because it was going to snow. If you can't tell we (I) really dislike the snow so every chance we get to get out of it we will!
We went down to Mesquite. Saturday we hung out and then went to Abigail's. I helped her with her kids and cleaning her house. Then it was Cheer Review. Jared got asked by Amber. She did a great job cheering. Also, Katelee was a cheerleader. She did so good on her dance.

 After review we got to hang out with Josh and Bailey. We are going to miss them so we need hang out as much as we can with them before we leave!

Friday, March 1, 2013


So it's been a while....
January was spent working we didn't really do anything but bought our car. That was the most exciting thing!

On February 9th we went down to Mesquite for fun. We had gone to the Temple but didn't want to go back to Cedar because it was snowing. So we made a trip to warmer climate! Katelee and I had fun making a tent!
For Valentines Day we went to dinner with Tyson's Parents to Pizza Factory and then Tyson played Mario while I played on the computer. Pretty romantic right there!!!

I got this for Tyson. But I mostly made it for myself! 
I think my bulletin turned out pretty cute for February!

February 20-24 we went to Phoenix. The 20th we drove down there and went to a tour at the UTI school. Tyson will be starting school on May 6th. Our reason to go down was to look for jobs and apartments.

I found out that Tyson likes to read the paper!

We went to Cracker Barrel Friday morning for breakfast. They had this huge checkers board outside so we sat down and played. Tyson won...

Thursday and Friday we looked at apartments and a couple jobs but Friday was the day WE FOUND AN APARTMENT!!! We can't move in until April 30th. We finally have a date now and can tell people when we are moving since it has been so up in the air until now!

Saturday we relaxed and tried to enjoy our stay. We went and looked at the Mesa Temple. Then went to a Cowboy town called Rawhide. It was kinda neat but not really that great.

Electric Chair
They had a show of Billy the Kid that we watched.

I think its safe to say, Tyson should not be a cowboy!

After going to Rawhide we went to a HUGE mall. And then the Cheesecake factory for dinner. We did drive around Scottsdale and saw some pretty nice cars and houses. (One day maybe that will be us!! Jk)

We had a fun vacation and are excited to have a date of when we can move! And a nice place to stay.