Monday, December 15, 2014


We spent Thanksgiving morning in Cedar City with Tyson's family. Of course we had a yummy lunch and got sssoo full.
We also attempted to take some family pictures.

We headed to Mesquite and had dessert with My family. 

We did a lot of traveling on Thursday. After playing a game with my family we headed back to Vegas for Black Friday Shopping.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Home Means Nevada! 
We moved on November 15th to our new home in Las Vegas.


I had to go back to Phoenix for a week to finish up work. The week while I was alone I was able to hang out with some great friends that have been such an amazing example to me. It has been so great to make life time friends. 

Leaving our tiny little apartment... See you late Phoenix! 

BMW Graduation

 YAY!!! We are finally done with school. Tyson graduated from the BMW program and has accepted a Job at BMW of Las Vegas being a technician.

After Graduation we headed to Scottsdale Mall. After we wasted some time we went to dinner at the Brat Haus. It was fun to be able to play games while we waited for our food. 

Tyson's parents stayed in town for a couple more days. We had fun going to the Hockey Game and just hanging out.

House Hunting/Dad's Birthday

We spent a weekend looking for a place to live in Las Vegas. We didn't have much success but think we found one that we liked. We were not able to look inside because someone was still living there.
Let's just say trying to find a house in one weekend is EXHAUSTING!

We spent Sunday with my family and celebrated my dad's birthday.