Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scottsdale Car Show

Tyson found out that there is a Car Show in Scottsdale every Saturday so we had to go check it out. It ended up being pretty big and had more people then we were expecting. We thought it would end at 8 because that is what it was scheduled for so we got there about 7 to walk around. Well... It didn't really seem to start until 8. About 7:30 a ton of cars started pulling in. We were getting ready to leave but ended up sitting in our car just watching them all pull in. I would say it was much more comfortable than walking around. We did end walking around again to see all the new cars that pulled in. 

I'm sure this is just one of many shows I will see in my life time! Never thought I would learn so much about cars!

Half a bug. If you can notice there are no doors and there is a little wind up thing on the back. It looked like an old toy car. Also, I thought it was the coolest car!

Watching the show from our car! And a really nice Mercedes.

Our view! There were tons of Camaros & Honda's all super charged.


Teerlink Reunion

I was able to go home for our Teerlink Reunion. Although, It wasn't as fun as I was expecting because.... I had to get my wisdom teeth out. As my dad would say I don't have any more wisdom! :(
I left Phoenix on Monday, my mom was pretty excited because Jared just moved to Vegas and she was feeling lonely! We went to town to go to the store and decided to bring Katelee home with us. She makes everything more entertaining. We washed all the window inside and out on Tuesday.

Pictures are mostly  going to tell my week so be prepared!

Katelee had fun playing with the water hose and jumping on the tramp.

I even let her drive the car but lets just say her attention span isn't very long!

We even decided to go see the animals while the sun was going down.
 Wednesday I went to Abigail's and helped her clean her house!

Thursday was a pretty miserable day... I was so nervous to get my wisdom teeth out because this was the first surgery I have ever had. I also don't do well with medical stuff.
My waking up story isn't all that great.  I just remember waking up crying and I didn't know why. I think it was just all the emotion before hand. I don't remember the drive to see Jared but I remember him making fun of me and while sitting in the car I was getting hot flashes and felt like I couldn't breathe. I remember the drive home and everything after that. I was really light headed and could hardly walk around so I just laid on the couch with ice on my cheeks. If I would get up I would feel like I was going to pass out.
I had 4 pulled but the doctor threw the other one away or they lost it. I'm not sure what happened to it. They didn't really tell us much when we left.

My left side hardly hurt but my right side has been so painful
 Friday morning we packed up and headed to Ferron to see the family!

Can't believe how big she is getting.

Saturday was spent at the lake.

 Saturday Night we had a little talent show and sang around the campfire.

The Family that was there. We are missing A LOT!
Aunts and Uncles. Only 3 of the 12 couldn't come.


Shem reciting his poems

Jessica doing a hula-hoop dance. She did such a good job.
Sunday some of the family went to church but I wasn't really feeling up to it and I didn't bring my church clothes. 

Seriously didn't think my cheeks were that big but looking back now... HOLY COW!!!
Monday I came back to Phoenix and had a nice little surprise when I got home!!

After being gone a week this is what I came home to. I would say my husband is pretty amazing!