Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 20-22

I was able to go home with Naomi and Kyle for the weekend. Tyson had to work Saturday and then had to teach priesthood Sunday so he couldn't come home.


Saturday we went to the splash pad and then Bailey and I went and got pedicures. After we went swimming at Bailey's apartment. It was so much fun to have a "Girls Day!" Thanks Bailey for hanging out with us! 

My Parents came in to go to dinner at the Chuck Wagon. 

Ready for church!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brian Head Mountain

Luckily Tyson got two days off of work this week so on Thursday we went up to Brian Head to go four wheeling with the Talbot's. We had so much fun just being up on the mountain and hanging out with them. They always make us laugh! And we are grateful for Tonya and Brent for letting us borrow their four wheeler and truck!!! 

Noah being silly

Tyson and Layne

No words will explain this... Crazy Cousins. 

Dayton and Rose

Ty and T 

We went out to a spot where you could look out. It was so open and  pretty.  

He loves my kisses! Can't you tell? 

July 4th

For the fourth of July we went to Minersville Reservoir. It was fun to just hang out with family and soak up the sun! Thanks to Cory and Autumn for bringing their boats. 

I got to wear the goofy jacket! 



Brayden driving the boat


Once we got back into Cedar, Rose and Layne with their family came to see Les Miserables. We went to Applebee's for dinner and then they all went to the play except the two youngest boys. So we went and got ice cream and watched the fireworks. 

Watching the Fireworks

This is such a great country to live in. I love that I am free to do whatever I please! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


On Saturday Tyson got a lot down around the apartments while I slept in and hung out. Around 3 our friends Matt and Mandy invited us to go hiking with them. Well it was HOT! And I am OUT OF SHAPE! Like terribly out of shape so it wasn't that fun for me! ( It really wasn't that bad now that I think of it! It was just hot and not enough shade.) To reward ourselves we went to DQ after!

Later that night we went to the Green Show that the Shakespeare puts on. It was interesting and something new. After that was over we went and watched the new Sherlock Holmes. To say the least it was a pretty eventful day!
I love spending time with Tyson. It is so nice to have him home all day. I only get that every other weekend!