Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve was spent at Cory and Sara Jane's house. We had Pasta Buffet which was yummy! They played a game and then we watched Joy to the World for our family home evening.

Opening Christmas Eve Present

Basketball Shorts!
On Christmas day, Tyson told Zach if he called him at 6 AM we would come over to watch them open presents. So of course we got the call and went over there. It is always funner when kids are around.
Zach had been asking for a four wheeler and his parents kept teasing him he was just power wheels! Inside the box were the helmets

Andy and Maddy opening their helmets
Their  new for wheelers... Lucky kids!
After watching them open their presents and playing with them for a while we went back home and opened our presents.
Us on Christmas Day

Brent got a Surround Sound System for his TV downstairs

Tyson got lots of movies and Ticket to Ride. (It's a game)

I got some books and CD's from Tyson. Also, we got a game from Tyson's Parents and that was our Christmas!
But we did havr a great Christmas and enjoyed spending time with family. 
Merry Christmas All!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Trains

Tyson and I headed down to Mesquite on the 21st to go to Colton & Megan's Reception. We were sad we couldn't make it to the temple, but the reception was really nice and We are so happy for them!

At the Reception
Only picture I got of them but I think its worth it!
 On Saturday we hung out at Abigail and Walter's house. We had a competition making Trains. Abigail made them with her Kindergarten class and had extra stuff so of course we had to see what everyone could come up with.

All our creations!

Making candy Trains

After we were done making trains we decided to go gamble for the first time. Tyson spent $10 and I spent $11. But Tyson made up for it by WINNING $63! 
This was our first and probably last time. We have decided it's not really all it's talked up to be!