Saturday, October 12, 2013

3rd Anniversary

Happy 3rd Anniversary! We celebrated by going out to Cheesecake Factory.
Can't wait to spend forever with this amazing man of mine! 

Yummy Snickers and Red Velvet Cheesecake
I love this man!

Still having fun after 3 years!

 Side note.... Some friends were getting a new couch so we bought their old one! We used the excuse of our Anniversary coming up. And not to mention we were in need of a new couch! So it all kinda worked out! So.. Happy Anniversary to us.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Place

We have ventured out and tried a new place to eat. It was really good and have already been back. Plus on some nights they do live music so it ends up being a nice little date with some entertainment! 

Trip Home

Unfortunately this trip was not planned. We ended up deciding to go home Friday at about noon and left at about 7pm. Tyson's grandpa passed away and for him to be able to go it was cheaper for us to drive to Cedar then have him go with his parents to the funeral. I would have loved to been able to go but I didn't dare ask for work off with my situation and to travel 10 hour in one night would have been miserable for us. The funeral was on Monday. He flew back to Phoenix on Monday night. So instead I drove back alone Sunday night and worked Monday. But... Saturday we spent the day in Cedar watching the little ones play football. Katelee wanted to come along with us and Jared had nothing to do so he also came along for the ride. It was great to see family again. We had dinner at Taste of Hawaii. And then I drove back to Mesquite.

I missed this little girl

So cute to see these two play together. I am glad I get to be both of their Aunt.

Baseball Game

Tyson bought some packet thing for $25 gift certificate to dinner and then it had some tickets for baseball games. We invited our new friends the Tunks and had a great time watching the D-backs win against the LA Dodgers.