Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 29th- Four Wheeling

Bryce (Tyson's friend) is down for a while and one of the things he wanted to do was go four wheeling. So Tonya and Brent and  Autumn and Caleb let us borrow their four wheelers. We are really grateful for them. We had a little bit of a rough start but we finally made it out to the Parawon Gap. Tyson and I had went for a drive one day and saw trails out there and ever since he has wanted to ride out there. We had a great time and good laughs!

We stopped for a minute to let the four wheeler cool down and Tyson left his sun glasses on the fourwheeler (which I didn't know) but some how they ended up under my foot. So I broke his sun glasses. They have lasted him about 5 years so, It is a good thing I was thinking about getting him some new ones for his birthday!

Parawon Gap

Monday, August 27, 2012

Demolition Derby

On Saturday we went to the Demolition Derby in Parowan. While we were there we got rained on pretty good but it was worth it to watch the trucks. They have much more power and go longer than the cars! 

Tyson and Bryce got a laugh out of this kid. He was drinking the water coming off the umbrella!  

German Food

I was super excited to see this in the mail! I can finally say I officially have my Associate Degree! I have been waiting for this piece of paper since last December. 

Also Tyson made me German food tonight...To say the lease, I wasn't a fan. But I ate ate as much as I could. It was Red Cabbage, Goulash, and dumpling things. The meat was okay but the other stuff.
 No Bueno! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Friday in Texas

We started out the day with Round Rock Donuts. Tyson had one GIANT doughnut!  And he pretty much ate the whole thing. I did help a little but he took in down like a champ. They cut it out with a 5 gallon bucket, so if you can imagine it was pretty darn big! Although he didn't eat much the rest of the day!

Ate the whole thing
We went and visited Aunt Pam, we were "super excited!"

After visiting Pam we went and visited the Capital. Texans are really patriotic! 

Randy telling history stories!
Just about all the Family came to Sandi's to have dinner and visit. THANK YOU Sandi for hosting it! We really appreciate all you did for us while we were there!

I just love this picture! Our family can be interesting! Jackie was telling a pretty great story I think!

Thursday in Texas

Tyson wanted to try some real Texas BBQ. We went to Iron Works with Sandi and Randy for lunch.

We went to the Botanical Gardens and walked around to see the different plants and such!

This is how much fun it was!

Tyson and Kyle

Sandi and Kyle

We saw a couple of Turtles

Austin Texas

I thought the lily pads were cool!
Later that night Katie and Josh got us tickets to go watch the Express Baseball team play. Unfortunately they didn't win. But Katie and I had a nice little chat, while Tyson and Josh watched the game! 
THANKS Katie and Josh we had a great time hanging out with ya'll!

We went to Pluckers for little dessert and they were doing a Congo line for free wings! Tyson and Josh got in on the action!