Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29, 2011

Today has been an eventful day... Well Tyson leaves for work at 8AM on Saturdays (and doesn't come home till 6PM) so I usually have nothing to do. To pass time I went with Naomi to the gym. (I go by myself sometimes too, just not very often) I ran/walked 2 miles and then started to lift. We were watching people walk into a class so we looked to see what class it was, it was Zumba class. We decided to try it out, and I came to realize 1-I do not know how to shake my butt 2-I am not coordinated at all. It wasn't a hard work out because by the time the song was over I was finally getting the steps down. Maybe one day we will go back and actually get a workout!!! After we came home and showered we made potatoes, eggs, and sausage. Then we went to the store. Tyson and I hadn't been for at least 2 weeks and that's uncommon for us. So unfortunately groceries were about $80, and it feels like we didn't even get anything... Oh well, I guess that's life.
Naomi had to go to work so I decided to start a project. At work because
there is nothing to do I like to look at Blogs. I found this one with crafts. They had a cool lookin' easy thing to do so I decided to give it a shot. It really was easy but because I'm not a crafty person at all it doesn't look that great! And Valentines day is coming up I thought it would be fun to decorate the house a little. And when I say little I really mean little. That's about all I can hand

All I used was
wood, chalkboard paint, and chalk, very simple!

Oh, and after Tyson got home we went and got pizza for Naomi and then went and hung out with Bailey and Josh. We talked about going to Hawaii or just on a vacation during the summer. I would love to get away for a while but GOOD LUCK right?!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well... First of all, my charger on my computer stopped working so I haven't really had anything to update on and school started up again. I feel like I have been overloaded with homework and work. Lately I have been working 6AM-10AM Tuesday and Thursdays and then going to all my classes. It has become a challenge to stay alert because I am always so tired but I'm getting through it! (I work other days too) Tyson goes to school also but right after goes to work until 7PM. So I don't really see him much. By the time he gets home we eat dinner and then do homework and go to bed. We are a pretty boring couple!!
Second, I haven't really had anything to update on because we not very exciting. During the break we both tried to get in as many hours at work as we could before school started so that is mostly what our break consisted of... Work...

Mostly...We have been just having a good ol' time staying busy!!!


We just got a new bedroom set from Tyson's Grandpa. At first I was very reluctant to take it but now I realize it is much better then our plastic drawers we have been using. We have been sleeping on a full and so we are excited to have a queen size bed now! Even though it's not really much bigger it seems like a big difference right now!
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day we did not have school so we went Mattress shopping... Who knew is would be so difficult. After laying on mattress after mattress, we finally got the one we liked and thought was most comfortable. I really don't know what type of mattress is it but whatever it is its pretty comfortable! I just remember it has 1000 springs (whatever that means). I have been having lower back pains a little after we got married so I am hoping that this new mattress will help my back!
Our Plastic Drawers Old bed...Type of MattressDresser
New Bed... With New Comforter

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Notice Katelee, she is such a cutie!!!

After four-wheeling we got showered and cleaned up and then went to Abigail's for dinner. We had lasagna. We played Mario for a while then bowling. While we were playing bowling on the Wii someone said we sh0uld just go bowling (real bowling!) After some talking Abigail into it we finally went. We played 2 games. I am not good at all but I think it's fun to just mess around and it gave us something to do! I'm pretty sure Walter won both games.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Four Wheeling

On January 1st we went four-wheeling. Naomi and Jared rode on Jared's four-wheeler. Tyson and I rode on his parents. They were kind enough to let us borrow their truck and four-wheeler to bring down to Riverside.
We went up into the Bunkerville Mountains. There was snow not very far up and so it was SO cold. We brought a sled thinking we would go sledding but we were so cold by the time we got up there that we didn't really want to move! We rode from home to Rabbit then Seeps and then to Bunkerville. We stopped at Teerlink's to thaw out for a while before we headed the 8 miles back home.

Getting ready to leave the house

I'm thinking Tyson was a little chilly!

Jared and Naomi
At Rabbit. The water was frozen on the top and so of course Jared had to play in it! (He is holding some ice over his face but you can't really see it.)

How thick it was frozen on top! Naomi Sledding

Jared's not too happy to see snow!
So after Naomi went down the hill a couple of times the sled cracked. The got the grand idea to stand/sit and have Tyson pull the sled.
Naomi attempting...
Jared actually went pretty far. I think he did the best!
It was lots of fun and Jared only rolled his four-wheeler once, which is a surprise because he is a crazy driver!

New Years

This year we went to Mesquite and hung out with Abigail and Walter's family. We had pizza for dinner and then played games after until midnight. It was loads of fun and we really didn't have any other plans so it all worked out!

Christmas Eve and Day

For Christmas this year we went to Tyson's family. On Christmas Eve we had a Family Home Evening where we read some Christmas Stories and then Luke 2. We had soup bowls for dinner. They were so good, but they get you full pretty fast! Tyson's parents gave us matching PJ's. I really like them because they are soft and comfy! We spent the night there and the next morning got up and opened presents. After opening presents we went to Tyson's brother's house to see all their presents and then to his sisters. It was definitely a new experience but loads of fun.

Christmas Day

Tyson was very excited to get a Kitchen Aid
I wasn't very smart and didn't take any pictures so hopefully I can get a picture from someone on Christmas Eve!!! (And thanks to Tonya for letting me steal some pictures!)