Monday, March 26, 2012

March 24th

On Saturday we celebrated Katelee's 2nd birthday. She is such a cutie and so full of energy. 

Happy Birthday Katelee!!! 

Grandpa gave her a puppy and she loved it. She wouldn't let anyone touch it.

Her parents got her a baby doll and she was so cute with it.

The baby was sleeping

Temple March 17th

On Saturday I went down to St. George with Naomi and Kyle. Abigail had called me and said they were planning on going to St. George. We decided we would go to the temple. Tyson had to work so I hitched a ride down with Naomi. My parents, Abigail, Walter, Naomi, Kyle, and I all went and did a session while Jared watched Katelee.
Kyle, Naomi, Grandma, Grandpa and I were all in a line, to see who she would come to first. Katelee of course came to her favorite.... ME!!!

 After the session we went to Olive Garden and had lunch. It is always so nice to be with family and just have a good time. It would have been better if Tyson could have been there!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

One of my favorite nieces!

Universal Studios Hollywood

On Saturday we drove up to Hollywood and went to Universal Studios. It was pretty cool to see how some of the movies are made and the sets that they have. They also have about 60 stages that they use. We didn't get to actually go in and see anyone perform. That costs a lot more money! They were shooting Desperate Housewives when we were there but unfortunately we didn't get to see any famous people! 

The set on Fast and Furious. 

The Grinch set. I was on the wrong side and didn't get a very good picture 

This is on some movie but I don't remember! But it looked like a tornado went through it. 
We went to go look for the Hollywood sign but we had no luck. Then we were going to walk down Hollywood Boulevard but we didn't want to park anywhere, and there were way to many people so we just decided to go back to San Diego! 

Sea World

On Friday we went to Sea World. Tyson really like the Shamu show. It is pretty amazing that a huge animal can jump out of the water and do a cool trick! 

The Shamu show

The Seal and Otter Show

The Shark Reef
The Dolphin Show

We saw some penguins!

In the polar bear cave

Then we drove to Coronado Island and walked on the beach and out on the pier.

San Diego Temple

Tyson and I headed down to San Diego. We got to our hotel and then went and ate at Cheesecake Factory. After we ate we went and did a session in the San Diego Temple. Tyson said that is now one of his favorite temples. It is so beautiful and HUGE! I love going to the temple and the spirit that I feel there.