Sunday, January 13, 2013


We bought a new car!!! 

Our plan was to get a new car before we moved down to Arizona so that we had two reliable cars and didn't have to worry about mine breaking down. We put my car up on KSL and three days later had it sold. We were kinda surprised at how fast we had it sold. So we needed/wanted a new car. We were planning on going to Salt Lake but because the weather wasn't very good we thought we would go to Vegas and just look around. We went to Findlay Chevy to look at a Cruize but no one wanted to help us or even acknowledged we were there so we left. Then we went to a ghetto car lot and looked a BMW Tyson saw online but when we started it up it sounded horrible so we left and it looked like a run down place. Next, we went to Desert BMW and found car we liked that was kinda in our price range and the guy let us drive it. The whole process happened kinda fast but we are pretty happy with our purchase.

We take you from this....

 To this.....

New Years

 We had a fun New Years with family. We ended up going to dinner with Tyson's Parents and then went to Cory's to play games. We were home by 11:45 so we were in bed ready to sleep before the new year even came.

We are pretty excited for this new year because it means we are closer to moving to Arizona and getting done with school so we can start a real life!
Happy New Year!!!