Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Memorial weekend didn't start off very busy. Tyson had to work Saturday so we couldn't really do much. Although we ended up going to Chili's for dinner so that we had something to do. And then on Sunday he had to teach in Priesthood so we couldn't skip out on church. After church is when all the fun started. We headed out to Minersville to decorate Tyson's grandparents and relatives graves. While we were out there I got a call from Bailey and she said they were going camping. Tyson had wanted to go camping for the longest time, so we jump right on that idea! We finished visiting with Tyson's family and then got everything thrown together and we were on our way down to Mesquite. We ended up going out to Whitney Pockets. We had hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and left over Key Lime pie from lunch earlier that day that Tyson made for his family. 

 Grandma and Uncle's grave


 Monday morning we got up and ate breakfast. We had sausage and egg burritos that was so yummy. Food always seems to taste better when your camping! We packed everything up and didn't realize it was only like 8:30 am. It was getting hot though so we didn't really want to stay! Right around the corner was a dam that I didn't remember ever going to see so we decided to look at it. It was more like a retaining water thingy. But pretty cool.

 We stopped at my parents house to see what my dad was doing. Of course he wasn't doing much just work around the house so we headed up to Mesquite to hang out with Abigail.
We went to the Rec Center to go swimming but it was kinda cold and Katelee didn't really want to do anything but sit on the edge and put her feet in the water. We then went up to the splash pad because we thought it would be warmer. It wasn't...

Tyson is so good with Katelee

After showering we went to Junior's house for a BBQ. And then went to Josh and Bailey's to watch the Bachelorette. We had such a fun weekend and it was fun to be able to be with both of our families.

Thanks for the pictures, Abigail!

I'm thankful for all who serve and have served our country so that we can enjoy our freedom! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eye Surgery

Tyson had eye surgery on May 3rd. He is so happy to finally have someone do something about it. All the doctors he went to in Cedar wouldn't do anything. They just give him eye drops and send him on his way. He finally decided to go down to St. George's Eye Institute and within a month the problem has been solved. He had some stones in his tear duct. Your tear duct is suppose to only be like a millimeter but these stones were like 2 and 3 millimeters. It was causing his eye not to drain properly. He now has a tube in his eye and will get it taken out in June.

They put him under so he was totally out of it but there wasn't anything really funny that he said. He just asked the same questions over and over. Let's just say I repeated myself a couple times that day and a little the next day!

We got the stones, but for some reason we can't find them anymore. I think Tyson lost them!!! I was going to put a picture of them on here so you would understand a little bit better, but I have looked in all the possible places I can think of and no luck! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eclipse 2012

On May 20th was the solar eclipse. Kanarville, UT was supposed to be the best place to see it, so we headed down there to watch. We tried to get the cool glasses but every where we went they were all ready gone. So instead Tyson got some welding lenses out of some helmets at work. Tyson also looked on youtube and found out that you could make a box that reflects the sun. And also use a mirror. So being the adventurous person he is he made both of them and THEY ACTUALLY WORK!!! :)

The start

A little chunk our of the bottom

I stole this from Naomi but I didn't get any pictures of the box. It really is just a shoe box with some paper and tin foil!!!

Getting closer...

The pictures were taken with welding lenses on the camera so this is as good as we could get it!

Fancy mirror thing Tyson tried. Look close you can see the shadow

Tyson's shirt is the best. Someone noticed that the sun made circles from the shadows.

Naomi and Kyle being.. Naomi and Kyle!!!