Monday, July 25, 2011

Rained Out

Tyson and I went with his parents fishing up at Yankee Meadows. While they were fishing we went for a four wheeler ride. We got up the mountain some and then it started to rain. Tyson couldn't get wet for some odd reason so we headed back down the mountain. He said, "I'm too sweet, I will melt." Who knows how he comes up with that stuff. And, "I can't get my hair wet!" Sometimes I wonder about that boy!!! Although I will say its a good thing we left when we did because when we got back to the truck to was raining cats and dogs! Well it was just raining pretty hard. We sat in the truck for a while and played checkers and then when it let up a little bit Tyson and his dad got everything back in the truck and loaded up the four wheeler. It was a quick trip, but fun while it lasted! 

Duck Creek

On Saturday, Tyson and I went up to Duck Creek to hang out with Abigail and her in-laws. It was fun to be up in the mountains and enjoy the cool air, and not to mention, great company! We played horse shoes, visited and rode four wheelers! 

P.S. Thanks for the pictures Abigail!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kite Flying

Tyson and I bought Kites a long time ago and we have only flown them probably once. I saw them in our storage shed and decided to get them out. I made Tyson come fly them and well... Tyson and I attempted to fly them. It didn't work out so well.. Let's just say, We struggle with kite flying! 

Yes, I have a Hannah Montana Kite! I am still a kid at heart I guess, and it has my name on it so it's cool!!!
Tyson trying to get it to fly

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scratch that...

Scratch that last post... Tyson is going to be working at the "Plastics Place." I don't know what its really called, something Plastics. He will be making pipe as far as I know. We are happy to be getting a better paying job, even thought the hours suck. But YAY for Tyson!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My sweet husband has finally scored a J.O.B. He is now employed at Big O Tires, as a sales man! We are back in the MONEY MAKING BUSINESS!!! With not having a job for the past month has been rough. So we are thankful to be able to get things back to where we had them before we left. And now it's back to not ever seeing each other. 

But we hope all you bloggers have a great day, while we slave away!! J/K :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Car Show

Tyson was so excited to go to the Car Show this year. I honestly could care less about it, but it makes him happy, so I trekked along! Ü Honestly though it wasn't that bad because while he looked at the cars when we walked by I looked on the other side of the street at the booths and a few cars here and there!
These were the COOLEST cars, in my opinion! Tyson would definitely disagree!!! 
NOTICE: The Bug has Eye Lashes! 

We went to dinner after we were done looking at the cars. We went to a Mexican place called Lefty's. It was really good and we got free dessert for ordering two entrees (only on Saturday). We had yummy fried ice cream.
 This was a Mexican Restaurant with American Language! We had a good laugh! 

We couldn't decide what to do after so we just went to his parents house and I played the piano and then we went and sat outside and just relaxed. It's always great to just be able to relax and have a carefree day! I love my husband for turning what seems to be boring days into the best days!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FoUrTh Of JuLy WeEkEnD

This past weekend has been pretty crazy. First I had to work on Saturday from 6AM-2PM and right after I got off work Tyson and I headed down to Bunkerville to go to the Water fight! Tyson thought it was so cool how involved everyone was although he didn't like the filling up balloons for two hours and then have them gone in the next 30 or so minutes! But we had a blast!
 Filling up Balloons

Sunday we went to church with my parents because we thought we were going to leave to go back to Cedar at noon. We didn't end  up going back until 3 so we had dinner with my family and then right after headed back to Cedar to have Dutch oven dinner with Tyson's family! Both dinners were really good! Later that night everyone came to Cory's house and we roasted marshmallows and had smores, and lite off some fireworks.

This is my attempt to be festive. The cupcakes were suppose to be Red, White, and Blue but it didn't turn out so great.
Tyson getting rid of some weeds.
It was dark and the flash was bright!

  I don't know why he was sad... But he looks pretty dang cute!!!

Monday we got up and headed out to Minersville Reservoir and went boating. It was getting really windy and yucky so we came back to Cedar and decided to go the Aquatics Center and go swimming. We had hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. All the kids went down the street to a baseball field and were hitting balls. Tyson and I went down and played a little with them. We then went and watched the fireworks at the Enoch Park/Baseball fields.

 Swimming at the Aquatic Center


 Maddy hitting and Zach, Trevor, and Diezel watching
 Zach and Tyson and the ball... Look Close!!!

 After watching the Fireworks we watched Tyson's family do their own fireworks!
 The special couple!!!

We had lots of fun this weekend! It's been busy, but fun to be with family!