Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30

I feel like I am only updating on weekends. I guess that just means we have no life during the week except school and work.
So this weekend... I went down to Mesquite with Bailey and Naomi. On Friday we didn't have school, it was our study day. (And NO I did not study!) We left Cedar around 4 and stopped in Beaver Dam to drop some boxes off. When we got to Mesquite, Bailey dropped Naomi and I off at Abigails house and then we went to dinner at The Diner... I was glad that I went down because my dad happened to be able to come home. Since I won't be seeing any of my family for about four months I am glad I got to go home before we leave. This was the last time possible time I could down.
I think I'm going to miss Katelee the most!!! JK. I'm sure I will miss everyone equally!

We started to bring some stuff to our storage shed. It is kinda depressing knowing that we will be gone in 5 days. BUT we will be back. At least that is what I have to keep telling myself.

This is just our first load! There are many more to come!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


The last day of school was today, FINALLY! Now just Finals next week and we will be gone in 6 days... AHH... It's coming so soon...
Today Tyson went and got us a storage shed so I decided to pack some stuff up. I feel like I have done a lot, but there is still A LOT to do.
I took down the all the pictures off the wall and it's sad to see the place looking so bare. It is going to be really weird when we take down the curtains because that's what makes it feel like home. Here are a couple pictures of our apartment. I didn't feel like taking more today because it is a disaster. We took these when we were trying to sell our contract. (Good news is we don't have to sell it anymore because the managers messed up on our contract. We were on a month to month contract instead of a year like we had thought!)

Living Room
Naomi came over and hung out today too. Well she actually just played on the computer mostly. When she saw I was updating she said you need to take some pictures... then preceded to say...
"You can take a picture of me cuz I'm so pretty!" Well I didn't get my camera out but here is a picture of Naomi Cuz she is so pretty. ( I couldn't find one of just her, and this was a long time ago!)
We also watched Braxton for Bailey and Josh so that they could get some packing done! He is such a happy baby! We had tons of fun with him.
(Thanks for letting us get our fix for a while!!! JK)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Weekend Post

Saturday night Tyson and I stayed at his brother Cory's house with their kids. Cory was out of town and needed someone to stay there with them.

And then on Sunday Tyson had to teach Sunday School (his last week before we leave). After that Tyson and I went to Minersville for our little nephew, Tytan's, birthday! We had dutch oven and it was so good! (Thanks Caleb and Autumn) After we ate Tyson and I went to the park to see what the kids were doing.... How nice would it be to have as much energy as all those kids have. They were all playing on the merry-go-round and having a great time.
Kids Playing on the Merry-Go-Round

Tyson and Tytan

When we went back to the house they had birthday cake and ice cream.
Tytan and His Cake

When we were done there we went home and took a nap. Which was a bad idea, but it felt so good. I used to take naps all the time but with school being so busy I have stopped myself from sleeping during the day and I try to go to bed early. BUT ONLY 7 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL! and then finals! But after that we are outta here and on our way to Pennsylvania...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clark County Fair

Saturday morning Tyson went to work at 8 and I went down to Mesquite. It was snowing all the way until St. George where it was raining. Naomi, Abigail, my mom and Dahlen all went down to the Fair. I was surprised at how cold it was down there. I knew the weather wouldn't be good but I didn't think it would be that bad. It ended up raining and hailing on us! It was a fun quick trip but I will have to admit it was much better then sitting at home all day while Tyson works for 10 hours.

Jared getting his Steer ready to sell. Abigail and I in the FREEZING cold!
*Mother and Father*

Sunday morning I drove back up to Cedar so that I could go to church with Tyson. After church we went to dinner with Tanisha's family and Cory's kids. Cobe make chicken enchiladas which were so good!!
The weekends are not long enough anymore. I need one more day just to relax before school again on Mondays, but that doesn't ever seem to happen. And not to mention the stress of trying to get rid of our apartment before May 1st is making both of us a little annoyed because we can't find anyone to come soon enough.

Brain Regan

On April 8th Brian Regan came to Cedar City. Tyson and I went and he is a great comedian. There was a comedian before him but I do not remember what his name was, he was pretty good too. Also that was Tyson's Valentines Day present to himself! He went and bought them a couple days before Valentines Day!
It is always fun to go and have a great laugh, and believe me... We laughed hard!Just look at a face like that... Can't help but laugh! JK!
Here is one of his jokes!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not A Teenager Anymore...

We went to my parents house because it was Conference so we didn't have to be at Church on Sunday. And It was MY BIRTHDAY!!! We went down on Saturday but stopped in St. George to eat at Olive Garden with Autumn and Caleb. It was Autumn's birthday Saturday and my birthday Sunday so we went to dinner together.

Sunday we watched Conference and played Monopoly. We had pork chops for dinner then later had Ice Cream Cake!

I have been on my mom's cell phone plan and Tyson wanted to get me off and on his plan. He would not tell me anything and I asked probably a million times what he was getting me. Well he got me a FANCY new phone (the HTC 4GLite, I don't really know much but it is FANCY!) and on his plan. My mom gave me a book with wedding pictures. Tyson's family gave me a gift card! And Abigail and Walter gave me some money! Thanks everyone. I had a great birthday!

Present from my Mother!Tyson wrapped that! Can you tell?

PHONEI just like this picture!

Talking to my DadHe was telling me all the cool things on it!

I am not a teen anymore! Tyson keeps saying, "Hey, I'm not married to a teenager anymore!!!" So I guess that is a good thing for him, but a little weird for me to be 20... That is OLD!!! JK